Friday, May 27, 2011

Skeezy Jockstrap Boys

Happy Friday! Know what today needs? Today needs a good boy orgy. Skeezy Jockstrap Boys is our Hot Gay Porn post today in the Hot Gay Man Vault. And, a perfect tie-in to Jockstrap Central's Memorial Day Sale! Click the ad below and get yourself outfitted in some truly sexy jocks for 15% off. If you're in the mood to buy me a present, I'd look good in the red, white & black Nasty Pig Knockout Jock, and the guy I've been cruising for the past couple of weeks would probably agree. He likes to borrow a jock after sex and wear it throughout the next day. Now, I'm not promising anything, but he does travel...

And, coincidentally, MENSUNDERWEAR is the new feature page in the Cavern Of Fame. This section features boys and men in jockstraps, underwear, and swimwear, for at least a portion of the video. Enjoy.