Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pornathon Celebrating Monica Lewinsky's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Monica Lewinsky! To celebrate your 37th, ManPuppy is posting a Twitter Pornathon of solo cum shot videos. As the crash site for perhaps the most famous load in American history, if your blue dress isn't in the Smithsonian, it should be.

Believe me, readers, I scoured the porn vault for cigar gay porn videos, but there just ISN'T enough in there for a proper ManPuppy Pornathon. Well, depending upon what your definition of IS is.

Am I mining ancient history for lame jokes here? Maybe, but consider this: Bill Clinton was the only President in our lifetimes to be impeached by Congress (he was summarily acquitted by the Senate). The scandal usurped the airwaves more thoroughly and relentlessly than a dozen Casey Anthonys. YET, he presided over the longest economic boom in history, and he finished his term with the highest approval rating of any President since World War II.

Are you listening, Obama? Just start a sex scandal, and I'm sure things will start going more smoothly for you. The batteries are charged on my video camera, and I have a couple boys from Orlando waiting on my phone call.

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